Our Beehives

If you'd like to try backyard beekeeping, the beehives Trish builds are a great way to start. Once you get your bees installed into their new home, beekeeping with a Warre hive is an almost completely hands-off project. Just let our friends the honeybees do what they do best!

With this type of hive, the bees make their own free-form honeycomb, building downward from wooden bars installed at the top of each box. As the beekeeper, you will seldom need to enter the hive. Trish's hives include a window in each box to help you check on your bees' progress.

Trish uses untreated lumber for the health of your bees and to maintain food safety for any honey you might collect. To protect the hives against mold and the elements, she finishes the hives with Eco Fin, a soy-based stain.

If you're in the Seattle area, we'd love to show you our hives in person and build one that suits your needs. The cost of a hive generally runs $350. For more information about buying your own custom-made hive, please email Mandy.

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  1. Oh, now I see where the hive pics are. :) I hope to make it to Seattle one day and see your hives!