Friday, March 8, 2013

We Bought a Goji Plant

Today we bought an established goji plant from a local gardener who is selling her collection of plants. We're looking forward to seeing how it does this spring and summer--and how the bees like it, too, of course! I'd love to discover that we can do well enough with goji berries here that I could put my food dehydrator to good use with them.

In the meantime, when it comes to berries to eat, we'll keep buying our organic goji berries from SunFood--I actually signed up for an affiliate account with them because they have the best organic goji we've found.

Back to gardening, Trish planted peas in the garden at the end of February, as well as some potatoes. Last year the biggest success in the garden was the cucumber plant--I hope this year will be a repeat. We enjoyed Greek salads with garden cucumbers all summer.

How is your yard/garden coming along as spring is (finally!) around the corner?

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